Reviewing is an essential part of the process of improving writing and speaking. The objective is to listen to the original recording to find mistakes and unnecessary pauses. Afterward, go back and re-record with those flaws corrected. It’s important to have a relaxed and natural way of speaking in French (without correcting one self midstream).

Practicing with these recordings helps to improve French skills overall:

  1. Re record
  2. Listen during recording
  3. Speaker listens to own recording

If needed, record a 3rd time and repeat steps 1 and 2.


At the beginning only discuss relevant items 

  1. Your name (chosen in French)
  2. Title of excerpt/book/newspaper 
  3. Name of the author/artist
  4. Original version or translated into French?

Choose one: Category/Book, review, newspaper or magazine

  1. Comic 
  2. Genre: adventure, fiction, etc…
  3. Poetry, dance, music, etc. 
  4. History, politics
  5. Other media and subjects

At the end Choose no more than 3

  • Give your impressions of the material
  • Describe your personal experience with the subject; does it differ from the subject or not
  • Explain why you chose this material
  • Mention anything you thought was missing from the material, like questions it didn’t answer
  • Explain what’s most important in the material
  • Anything else you noticed