Material Setup

This page follows the results of the Practice Steps; it leads to those recordings, subject to a Quality/Control test, to be posted on the site.

Set Up Material


The recordings coming out of Practice are subject to further editing by the Sound Technician.  Such review covers elements like: 

  • Vast fluctuations in sound levels (adjusted for a more even effect)
  • interference from a loud ambient noise, not present at the start of the recording (deleted section, if possible) or 
  • Too long pauses (deleted sections)

Once all of the applicable barriers to audibility are cleaned, one more check performed by the Facilitator to assist the Sound Technician, ensures that there are not too many hesitations (repeat moments) or accidental use of English (to fill gaps in French).  Those are harder to edit and can lead to dropping the recording from the posting or significantly shortening it. It remains an integral part of the Practice library.


The next task ahead of the posting is the selection of titles by language.  For the English language, the direct translation from the French title may not be optimal.  If a translation is to be used, it might require an adaptation, so it is not a word for word replica.

In most cases, the audio track content focuses on one part or more of the review material; therefore, it might be more appropriate to craft a custom title for it.  Such adaptation may work better, as it reflects the content of the audio material rather than the much more encompassing scope of the entire source.  This is most relevant for a book.

An example might be: for the travel/humor book on life style and manners of Parisians. In this case, the French version of the book full title is “Dessine-moi un Parisien”; this is equivalent to “Give me the Sketch of a Parisian’.  Yet it could be condensed in similar ways, stated a bit differently. Thus, the English title could be Parisian manners or How Parisians live or What is it about Parisians?  The choice will be made to align with the focus of the presentation (Caramel with Salted Butter, as a specialty) and per group consensus after the initial presentation.

The Resources page identifies the full, original title in French for all materials reviewed.