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Pierrot ou les Secrets de la nuit

This tale of “Pierrot or the night secrets” takes place in a small village. The young baker Pierrot and his pretty neighbor, the laundry lady, Columbine know each other from childhood. Their different work schedules keep them apart.  A flamboyant lad comes to town: will he change anything? Charm, joy for children and a touch of suspense.  Come to unveil the mystery!

Asterix et Obelix revisites

A modern version of this famous pair’s adventures. Astérix, the young lad, both fun and clever, helps Obélix with his school homework.  The setting presents oakwoods, a Mehnir quarry, outdoors classroom with Roman numerals, all this close to the Roman soldiers. Adapted for contemporary children.

Une aventure de Tintin et Milou

A tale of exploration and discovery among Tintin, his clever dog Milou and Captain Haddock.  The characters in rapport with tenacious brigands are trying to solve the mystery of a large shining star.  They discover several secrets along the way. They go through many ups and downs before reaching their objective on the ocean route to Greenland.

Vivre avec la Lavande

This experience lived for over 20 years is tied to youth travel on the French Riviera. It had been the discovery of the very intense perfume of lavender.  Many years later, all the aspects of lavender cultivation came together in the temperate climate of a small island in the Pacific Northwest region.

Le Cheval Silencieux

A description of and reaction to a French short story about a strange horse who behaves in a bizarrely human and self-obsessed manner.

Dialogue sur une Photo Mystérieuse

A botanist meets a tourist in the desert; the chance encounter leads them to a mysterious discovery under the thorns of a compact cactus bush. They agree not to reveal their shared secret

Les Celtes

A look back at Celtic ancestors and the gradual resurgence of such cultures (dialects, story telling, signage) in several west European regions or locales

Année Afrique

1960 is referred to as “the year of Africa’, as it is when many African nations started to gain independence from their European colonizers. As put by UK Prime Minister Harold Macmillan “[t]he wind of change [was] blowing through this continent”. The New York Times released a special issue earlier this year (2020) to celebrate the year of Africa. Maps were used by presenter to show the changes in country borders and identities

Narcissisme 2.0

An article exploring the way in which social media affects us in our lives. It asks if social media encourages us to express ourselves, or if it makes us dependent on the approval of others. Solutions are also proposed about how to “detox” from social media

Bonjour Tristesse

A reflection on a coming of age story

Caramel parisien au beurre salé

Section of a blog-turned-book speaking about the impact of salted caramel in Parisian food culture.

Frère Jacques

Duo in chorus with guitar accompaniment-Under the Frere Jacques chorus, the ritual of bell ringing is celebrated. Reminiscent of the church traditions, which carry into the present as common at a small village plaza (vocals and accompaniment Mike Mercker)

A la Claire Fontaine

Solo with voice treatment-With la Claire Fontaine, a young lad shares his disarray about having lost his cherished lady.  A robin perched on the tree above him brings solace to the sadness that carries through the entire song (vocals Cantala-editing Mike Mercker)

Gentille Alouette

Solo with guitar accompaniment-In the Alouette, Gentille Alouette, the lark is the center piece with children guessing which next body part will be target for the cruel act of removing feathers.  The interpreter relays that scary feeling in the vocal work (vocals and accompaniment Victoria Hall)

Comptines de Mon Jardin

This book contains a collection of poems inspired by the author’s garden. Each poem is mirrored by a drawing that brings the poems to life. The narrative is written in a poetic form with short sentences and light touch song-like rhythm.