Summaries in Narratives

For the benefit of the English speakers visiting the Parler page, a synopsis is given with the link to the audio track.  That reflects the main thread of the story as viewed by the speaker.  It also helps to get attention and encourages site visitors to listen to the French recording. 

On the other hand, the French summary page more explicitly covers the actual content of the sound track in a concise way. This helps a French site visitor to follow the theme of the audio version of the story. It also acts as a reminder of how unique is that particular track (compared to several others).

Audio Tracks

The matrix below shows the set of sound tracks currently posted on the site.  A few others are still under construction and will be added at a later date. The set is organized as follows:

  • Level of difficulty (beginning, intermediate and advanced)
  • General category out of 5 choices: Children, Contemporary, Fiction, History and Tourism
  • Illustration per category (corresponding icon)
  • Solo versus group piece, including discussion with the speaker
  • Length of edited version (minutes)