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    French practice

    Do you presently study French at school/college, independently on internet or via a community activity (such as a reading group)? If yes, please specify.


    Can you commit a 2 hour window in the early evening each week? plus another 1 to 2 hours for the individual preparation in between sessions?

    Financial Contribution

    Can you contribute $12 a month toward the package of 4 to 5 sessions plus the French-only material (typically neither available for reading on the web, nor for Amazon US purchase)? A target of 3 consecutive months is highly recommended

    Extra Activities with Compensation

    Are you available and willing to offer extra time, outside sessions toward special research projects? You can volunteer in place of a financial contribution (from the previous question) and receive a stipend (commensurate with time devoted and complexity)

    Any additional comments, or questions for us?

    To fine tune your placement with OLY Parle please visit LEARN for the Placement Questionnaire.