OLY PARLE Welcomes you!

OLY Parle is a small non-profit, based in Olympia, Washington (capital of the state of Washington). OLY Parle strives to expand horizons for adults of all ages with an affinity for the French language. The focus is mainly to acquire basic skills and to develop ways for all of them to gain stronger verbal skills in a non-native tongue. The approach is exploratory with two-way interaction between facilitator and participants.

The changing curriculum is tailored to the skills’ mix of the participants. Such practice can open doors to professions using multi-lingual skills, sharpen appreciation of cultural and artistic expressions plus seize opportunities to expand perspectives beyond a North American-Anglo driven setting. The practice can help to regain use of the language and to put it into practice in other francophone settings.

Our Program

OUR PROGRAM helps our members overcome barriers to French speaking. Our approach blends the following: read and condense printed material, react to visual aids & record written content or impressions. Due to the diversity of topics and group interaction, It is both spontaneous and motivating.

Join sessions once a week, with other learners of your experience level!

OLYParle members come from a wide range of experiences, and have joined for many reasons.

I joined OlyParle to get to know others in the community who spoke French. I wanted to expand my network and meet others in my community who had common interests and skills.“
This program seemed like a new and different approach to learning French. I have always been interested in studying foreign languages, and OLY Parle offers a unique setting for practicing French in a non-traditional way.”
I joined OlyParle because I was worried I was starting to forget all the French I had learned in high school. OlyParle provided me an avenue to keep in regular practice with French.”

Our origin story

The original purpose was to engage student interns (part-time) over consecutive weeks spanning at least 6+ months. The activities, gradually used to advance toward verbal French fluency, vary by participant. Some periodic activities join all participants. Other community members joined the initial group. The facilitator is a native speaker. Program offers opportunities for attendees to share their use of the language, no matter how rudimentary.

This is not a class in writing or grammar study or a textbook-based program. The main products will be recorded material (samples of practice material, including some sound tracks posted on the website). They also include feedback notes on barriers to fluency and recommendations on the main aspects to better master the spoken language.

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